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Welcome, come on in, and make yourself at home! Feel free to browse the pages, e-mail me with questions, or do one of the Bible studies here on the topic of your choice.

Hungry for the Word?

I love reading the scriptures, and finding the treasures of God's heart for my life. I'm working on uploading my notes on various passages and topics. Feel free to browse through them and study for yourself! E-mail me with thoughts, suggestions, or questions!


My favorite hobby after reading and writing is cross stitch. I love stitching, and designing graphs. I will have links to download some of my designs, and a forum to discuss current projects. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Home School Haven

Here is where you can see how i approach homeschooling, some great resource suggestions, and discussion topics. E-mail me i LOVE to talk home school!!! UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Family Fun

Family is the center of how i love and serve God, my first calling is to my husband and children. Parenting ideas, topics, questions answered, spousal translation and understanding, and simply running a household discussions and information will be found here (some scheduling and training issues are covered in the home school section). UNDER CONSTRUCTION



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